Gabon: President sacks Vice President and Forestry Minister

The President of Gabon, Ali Bongo has sacked his Vice President, Pierre Claver Maganga Moussavou and Minister of Forestry and Environment, Guy Bertrand Mapangou.

The reason for the President’s decision has not been officially stated but there are speculations that it is associated with a timber smuggling scandal.

About the Timber Smuggling Scandal

According to reports, 350 containers of Kevazingo a rare specie whose expliotation has been banned by Government, was loaded and falsely labelled as Okoume, timber with an official visa for exportation in Gabon.

The plot was uncovered and the consignment seized.

Later, the seized consignment mysteriously disappeared though some has so far been recovered.

Investigations are on-going to identify the actors behind the illegal act.

Kevazingo is a rare Central African wood that is cherished in Asia.

It is best for sculpting into temple doorways and tea and meeting tables.

Illegal expliotation of this wood got to an alarming proportion in 2018, leading Government to ban its exportation the same year.

Some observers think the Gabonese Vice President was sacked because he was becoming increasingly ambitious.

He was endowed with more responsibilities during the period when President Ali Bongo suffered a stroke.

Eleanor Ayuketah Ngochi

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