Limbe: A perfect home away from home

Limbe the seaside resort town was founded in 1858 by the British missionary Alfred Saker.

Formerly called Victoria, it is a metropolitan town, home to more than one hundred thousand people from different ethnic groups.

The people are reputed for hospitality, reason why Limbe is most often referred to, as “The town of friendship.”

In Limbe, people of all tribes are very easily integrated into the social fabric of the area.

 Ajuh Richard Tiwu: The admirable quarter head

Ajuh Richard Tiwu and his family from the North West region are settled in Limbe.

He has been raised to head of Quarter 22 New Layout Limbe.

Ajuh Richard, chosen by the chiefs, heads one of the most populated neighbourhoods in Mile Four Limbe.

“I turned down the proposal some few years back. The chiefs saw my leadership potential when I was President of Mile Four Park. In choosing me, my region of origin was not an issue. They insisted, that’s how I became quarter head of Quarter 22.”

Mr Ajuh says the people express love and give him the respect. Limbe is now home to his family.

 Iyo Jean Claude: The father to many

Iyo Jean Claude is a native of Bafia, Centre region. He has also settled in Limbe.

He came to the then Victoria in 1983, just 23 years old and in active service.

He is now retired but Limbe has remained home to him and his family.

Jean Claude is the owner of a renowned drinking spot in Down Beach Limbe called “Ambassade.”

Most of his customers attest to the fact that he is a father, always giving pieces of advice and assistance to the needy.

The socio political crisis in the North West and South West regions notwithstanding, Limbe remains an example of peaceful coexistence amongst Cameroonians.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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