Limbe : the coastal town of friendship

As night falls on Limbe, its beauty awakens.

The flowers at the major roundabouts blossom under the neon street lights.

Commercial motorcycles are the main means of transport within the town.

The streets are busy even at the late hours of the night as people move in all directions carrying about their business.

Different shop keepers we met have a friendly and welcoming approach where you can’t find a product in their shop they direct you to another shop where you may find it.

Grilled fresh fish from the sea and chicken are the common meals especially for those who move after sun set.

Limbe also described by inhabitants as a town of cleanliness.

As we moved through the streets we didn’t see plastic papers or heaps of garbage alone the streets as is the case in other towns.

Despite the crisis rocking the North West and South West regions, Limbe seems unaffected.

However, that perception is only apparent as many inhabitants who depended on the CDC for direct or indirect jobs, partnerships and service delivery have ran out of resources.

The CDC which stands out the the biggest employer after the government has lost close to 40 billion CFA in revenue as a result of the crisis.

About five thousand plantation workers in the Municipality are jobless.

They can’t go to their farms because of the security scare. The entire CDC with about 26 thousand workers has gone with salary for close to 11 months.

These disturbing statistics notwithstanding, the beauty of the seaside resort town continues to attract tourist.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

Journalist, Online Reporter, News Presenter, Programme Anchor, Peace Advocate, Geo-strategist,

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