National Day: “The Coat of Arms” a representation of Authority and Justice

The dictionary defines a coat of arms  a shield with symbols and figures that represent a family, person, a group or an organization.

Cameroon has it as one of the state symbols .The symbol does not only authenticate documents but it give them a legal backing

The coat of arms of Cameroon consists of a shield with a banner above and below it. Behind the shield are two crossed fasces (bundle of rods with a projecting axe blade)3.

The shield has the same color pattern as the national flag of Cameroon, and in the center is a map of the nation. The scales of justice are superimposed on top of the map of the nation since 1998.

Describing the Coat of Arms of Cameroon

The Coat of arms of Cameroon is a collection of signs that bear motto of the Republic of Cameroon.

The banner at the bottom gives the name of the nation in English and French, two official languages of Cameroon.

The top of the coat of arms bears the motto of Cameroon , that is, : Peace , Work, Fatherland in both English and French. The fasces are a symbol of the  authority, and the scales represent justice.

The previous version of the state arms had text in French only, with “République du Cameroun – 1er Janvier 1960” on a scroll above the shield, and “Paix, Travail, Patrie” below the shield.

Earlier in 1914, the German government decided to assign coats of arms to its overseas colonies, including Cameroon. Arms were designed, but World War I broke out before the project was finalised, and the arms were never actually taken into use.

The British proposed a Coat of arms for the Southern  Cameroons between 1922-1961.

An important use for national coats of arms is as the main symbol on the covers of passports, the document used internationally to prove the citizenship of a person.

Benly Anchunda

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