National Day: “The Flag” a symbol of nationhood

The National flag is a piece of fabric with colours that symbolise a nation or country.


The flag is the most important symbol because it identifies and represents a country everywhere.

The national flag of Cameroon is defined in the 18th January 1996 Constitution of Cameroon which states;

“Cameroon flag shall be three equal vertical stripes of green, red and yellow charged with one gold star in the centre of the red stripe”.

                                     Description of the National Flag of Cameroon

The national flag of Cameroon has three bands of equal dimensions. It has pan-african colours of green, red and yellow with  a yellow star at the centre and on the red stripe.

-The green represents the luxurious vegetation of southern green forest. The green also stands for hope for a happy future.

Red stands for the unity,  independence and national sovereignty of the two Cameroons.

Yellow portrays the sunshine of the sahel. It is also the source of happiness and prosperity

The yellow star at the centre points to Cameroon as a unitary State.

                                      History of Cameroon Flags

In 1957 , France granted autonomy to French Cameroon and the first flag was hoisted. The flag had an unadorned vertical green, red, yellow bands.

On 2nd November 1961 British and French Cameroons united as the Federal Republic of Cameroon. This led to the hoisting of the second Cameroonian flag in Buea (Capital of German Kamerun). The flag had three bands of green, red and yellow with two golden coloured stars on the green.

Each of the stars represented a federal state.

20th May 1975, following the unification of the federal states, the Cameroon flag changed to three vertical bands with green, red, yellow and a yellow star on the red.

This flag has been used in Cameroon till present.

                                          The DOs and DON’TS of the flag

The National flag of Cameroon is hoisted during or before the execution of the national anthem.
During the hoisting or lowering of the flag, the people observe the following;

– No movements
– Civilians stand at attention while the military stand with chin up, chest out and shoulders back and stomach in.

– No facial expressions, everyone face the flag as a sign of allegiance.
– The arms are fixed at the sides.
– The flag should be handled with utmost care.

                                      The National flag: the DON’Ts

-No destruction of the flag. This act is abominable and punishable by the laws of Cameroon.
-No sitting, no walking on the flag. It is considered disrespectful .

During sad moments, the flag is hoisted at half mast.
The flag is the identity of a country. It is accompanied by any official delegation out of the country .

Benly Anchunda

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