PM in the South West: The home coming of a messiah of peace

The welcome ceremony at the Mungo bridge was just an avant-gout of the reception offered to Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute who comes to his region of origin on a special assignment.

The population reserved more than a warm reception to a father and son of the land.

The sea of people comprised of school pupils, elites and dance groups accompanied the PM along the streets.

PM in Buea: An emotional exchange

The euphoria was dampened by wailing mothers who, just like in Bamenda, forced their way to meet the August guest. “We are tired of the untold hardship caused by the conflict.”

This was the essence of the messages. In his characteristic humility, the PM addressed the assembly in Pidgin English to identify with the mothers and sisters.

“President Paul Biya has sent me to tell you he is willing to dialogue with you all. Tell our children to stop dying in the bushes and come out and table their problems to the President,” the PM said.

PM in Buea: Seeking the opinion of all actors

Chief Dr. Dion Ngute began a series of audiences shortly after arriving Buea.

He is bent on collecting the opinion of all actors of the region. In doing so, he will go to the two other major cities of the region, Limbe and Kumba.

He promises to present a faithful picture of the situation to the President in view of the organisation of an honest dialogue.

Many see the PM’s trip as the beginning of the solution to the socio-political crisis that has rocked the  North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

The crisis has caused deaths, disintegrated the social fabric of the English speaking Cameroonians. Needless to mention the level of destruction.

Little wonder the PM is giving his all!!

Pamela Bidjocka


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