PM in the South West: Unprecedented encounters with charming crowds

If the success of the PM’s mission to the South West region can be measured by the enthusiasm expressed, Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute has done it.

In all encounters, there were no formalities. The PM pushed aside his Head of government casqued and addressed the people using the right words, and, the population read sincerity in  his utterances.

Defying protocol and security cordons, Chief Dr. Dion Ngute approached the brothers, sisters and children that have turned out to greet him with high affinity.

The PM in the seaside Limbe

After the Buea lap where he chaired a series of meetings, all roads led to Limbe. The thousands assembled at strategic points told a story of the town.

At every stop, he virtually begged the people to help bring out the children from the bushes. President Paul Biya wants to dialogue.

He said it was time to stop the suffering. Our children should be educated lest their future will be compromised.

The PM insisted on meeting all segments of the population. He believes everyone must be heard, and be told the truth.

At the end of Wednesday’s outing, there was a general acknowledgement that restoration of peace begins at individual level.

The Messiah of peace goes to the hard hit Kumba this Thursday 17th May 2019.

More Cameroonians especially the victims of the crisis believe Chief Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute’s special mission is a major step to ending the crisis.

Pamela Bidjocka

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