Quality Control : The National Price Control Brigade brings unscrupulous business persons to book

The National Price Control Brigade has sealed a warehouse at the Industrial Zone of the Ahala neighborhood this Friday 24th March 2019.

The measure follows a tip off from an undisclosed source that Mr Nembot , owner of the warehouse, repackages expired products sold in some bakeries and supermarkets.

One of such enterprises where these products are used has been identified as the FONTANA bakery and supermarket .

FONTANA is also said to have employed a certain Idriss , also known for repackaging expired products in his home at the Nkomo neighborhood.

Most of the products , expired or close to their expiry date , are repackaged , and their shelf life extended by two years.

Some of the repackaged products with the expiry date 4th February 2019, have been moved to 4th January 2021.

The chocolate products used for pasteries in bakeries is repackaged, and sold for FCFA15,000 per packet.

Content of the warehouse 

The products imported from Turkey include;
# over two hundred 20-liter jugs of cooking oil
# diapers
#cocoa products
#and other bakery products

After taking stock of the goods in the warehouse, the National Price Control Brigade sealed the premises .

The team then proceeded to the home of Idriss in the Nkomo neighborhood where packaging is done. Upon arrival, the suspect had left his house for an unknown destination.

Some of his packaging arsenal was confiscated and ferried to the Ministry of Trade where appropriate measures will be taken.

Following the incident, the Minister of Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga warned against such despicable acts and promised that suspects will face the law.

In the meantime, competent authorities have launched a manhunt for the suspected criminals , currently at large.

Kathy Neba Sina

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