Security in Yaounde: Administrative and Municipal authorities agree on fresh measures

After a series of meetings, on the security situation in Cameroon’s capital city Yaounde, administrative and municipal authorities have agreed on few measures.


restricted zones for the circulation of commercial bikes in Yaounde
restricted zones for the circulation of commercial bikes in Yaounde

#To restrict the circulation of commercial motorbike riders within the city.

#To have the council police resume duty after a one month suspension

These resolutions are contained in two separate releases signed on 2nd May 2019 by the Mfoundi Senior Divisional Officer, Jean Claude Tsila.

restricted zones for the circulatiom of commercial motorbikes in Yaounde

A) The restriction of commercial motorbike riders

The decision is mostly intended to ease traffic and improve on highway security. Some of the areas within all seven councils of Yaounde include;

#Carrefour Mvog Mbi

# Carrefour Olezoa

# Boulevard de la Reunification

# Place de Melen (Cerrefour EMIA)

# Place Elig Effa

# Rond point Bastos

# Carrefour Tongolo

# General Hospital and the Gynaco-obstetric hospital

# The Omnisport stadium area

# Mobile Essos

# Carrefour Coron

B) On the resumption of activities of municipal police.

The decision to have the municipal police resume activities was agreed upon during a meeting attended by the Minister of Territorial Administration and Minister of Decentralisation and Local Development, the Mfoundi SDO, Yaounde Government delegate and other officials in charge of security.

The thirty days suspension that was handed to the municipal police for battery was immediately lifted.

The authorities agreed that since the suspension of the municipal police, more crimes have been reported in Yaounde.

Resintating the council police will reinforce discipline among traders, cut down on crimes and contain commercial bike riders.

Administrative and municipal authorities were exhorted to work together for the implementation of the orders.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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