The Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion: A multifaceted unit at the Service of the Population


The country prepares for the National Day and the military also intensifies  preparations in various camps across the country.

The Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion , the second mixed Intervention Battalion is amongst the many.

Situated between the New Bell and Dakar neighborhoods in Douala, the centre’s principal mission is to defend the territorial integrity of the nation, and foster peaceful co-existence.
Memories of a joint mission to conquer the Sambisa forest occupied by Boko Haram terrorists are still fresh.

The Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion also serves the population in health services, filling stations, restaurants and other .

The battalion’s garage

The Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion: Fostering peaceful coexistence

Military personnel in this Battalion work in constituted teams irrespective of ethnic origin.

The Commanding Officer of the Battalion Ekindi Frederick testifies that working in teams foe decades has favoured the birth of new famillies.

Col.Ekindi Frederick , Commanding Officer

The local population expresses gratitude for their services.

Mr. Tiechou Ngassa, a patient following a bike accident attests to have received proper care from the military personnel.

Becky Diony is owner of a restaurant behind the Battalion. She describes her relationship with the personnel as cordial.
“I have been selling food for only three months here. We live with the brothers and sisters of the military”.

The Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion is the only service for armoured vehicles, for the military parade on 20th May.

The Battalion was created in 1967 to uphold the territorial integrity of the country.

Kathy Neba Sina

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