The Field Artillery Regiment: A Regiment committed to keeping the Moungo Division secured


The Field Artillery Regiment in Nkongsamba is the only support force for Cameroon’s army that is securing the territorial boundaries of the Moungo Division.

The regiment  specialized in terrestrial operations during gun battles , is commanded by Col. Mebebe Jean Michel.

With the use of heavy weapon like Canon 155 and Mortars 122mm , the Artillery  launches attacks that cover a distance of over ten kilometers from the ground.

Officers and non- commissioned officers are trained at the regiment for close to two years.

After a six-months training, soldiers obtain a certificate of Artillery. The second course also runs for six months, and the third is a joint training for gendarmes, and the infantry.

Col. Mebebe Jean Michel , Commanding Officer of the Artillery

The Field Artillery Regiment has extended its corporate social responsibility to Internally Displaced Persons , distributing food items and basic necessities to IDPs from the South West Region.

The Artillery’s garage

Field Artillery soldiers are known to have successfully combatted Boko Haram terrorists in the Far North region. Their exploits was recognized in 2015 with an award from the Head of State.

The Regiment is also grappling with an increase in crime wave given the influx of IDPs into the Moungo Division.

The regiment began operations in Dschang in 1983, but a presidential decree created and transferred the regiment to Nkongsamba in 2001.

Kathy Neba Sina

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