The National Anthem: The song that reawakes a sense of belonging

“O Cameroon, thou cradle of our fathers” is the first line of the anthem of Cameroon. It is an invitation for Cameroonians to preserve the land founded by the fore fathers.

The National Anthem of Cameroon is a distinctive ryhme with a meaning.

The wordings come from the heart of every patriot at the beginning of each official ceremony to express the love and attachment to the country.

Cameroon’s champions in all domain gain recognition after the anthem.

History of Cameroon’s national anthem

The first words of the anthem are said to have been originally written in 1928 by Rene Djam Ajame and a student group.

The French version were written by Moise Nyatte Nko’o and the english version by Bernard Nsosika Fonlon.

The music was composed by Nyatte and Samuel Miniko Bamba, and finally adopted when Cameroon became an autonomous country.

The Lyrics

O Cameroon thou cradle of our fathers,

Holy shrine where in our midst they now repose,

Their tears and blood, and sweat thy soil did water…….

The Chorus

Land of promise, land of glory!

Thou of life and joy our own store!…,

The national anthem is written in two verses of eight lines each. The two rhythmic chorus have four lines each.

The National Anthem, the most respectable of the land: Guidelines

-Everyone takes a particular posture (attention) to express attachment to the fatherland.

– The crowd stay standing when the anthem is song.

– It is executed by all members of the crowd .

-Never sit while national anthem is being executed

– No movements should be observed

– It is song in every part of the country and abroad.

The national anthem, is a song that eulogises Cameroon’s history, traditions and national pride.

Benly Anchunda

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