The Special Amphibious Battalion: dynamic soldiers in love with the sea


The Special Amphibious Battalion is Cameroon’s lone combat force trained to carry out operations on land, sea and air.

Situated at the Tiko port, the Battalion surveys the frontiers of the nation’s seashore.

The Amphibious soldiers carry out spontaneous patrols on the sea to guarantee the security of populations resident around the Tiko shores.

Amphibious soldiers

Colonel Kinvy Ngande Guillaume is the Commanding officer of the Special Amphibious Battalion .

He explains that the Battalion also collaborates with marine and custom officers to fight the importation of contraband goods.

This ensues from a partnership agreement signed between the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Finance to fight contraband .

Amphibious soldiers are amongst soldiers of the Multi-national Joint task Force in the Central African Republic , and equally combatting Boko Haram in the Far North Region.

Being in the heart of the South West region currently grappling with the socio-economic crisis, the Amphibious Battalion has greatly contributed in restoring peace in the region.

The Battalion , an the infantry unit of the Rapid Intervention Battalion was created in 1999.

Kathy Neba Sina

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