Wildlife: Two lions on a rampage in the Mbam and Kim Division

Two lions have escaped from their natural wildlife habitat and encroached into human space in the Mbam and Kim Division, Centre region.

According to authorities, the two lions have killed dozens of goats and cattle in just one week.

The population of the Mbam and Kim are on high alert as the lions are considered very dangerous.

The Director of Wildlife at the Ministry of Forestry Joseph Lekialem says the Minister has put in place adequate measures to capture the lions.

A local committee watch group has been put in place in the Mbam and Kim to survey areas where the lions are likely to encroach.

The population has been advised to stay safe but they are trained on basic skills on how to scare away wild animals.

The Director of Wildlife indicates the present priority is to capture the Lions and relocate them to a more adequate shelter.

Minister Jules Doret Ndongo of Forestry and Wildlife,  has called on the population of the Mbam and Kim Division to work in collaboration with the local forest guards in order to capture the two stray lions.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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