2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Fans of the Lionesses remain hopeful despite defeat 


Fans of the national team remain hopeful after  the unsuccessful opening match.

The Monday 10th June encounter against Canada  in Montpellier was the first Group match.


Despite the 1-0 defeat, hopes are still alive. Reactions overwhelmingly point to the ability of the Indomitable Lionesses to bounce back.

Many attribute Monday’s defeat to unpreparedness or bad luck .


Djouda Simplice states it was not a good day for the Lionesses .

” The Lionesses did their best, but I think it wasn’t a lucky day for them. They can’t win all the time , but I’m confident they’ll get a win on Saturday “.

Simplice also affirms that the Lionesses performed better than the Nigerian and South African teams that conceded three  goals each, as opposed to one for Cameroon.

Souop Steve on his part, opines that there was  lack of coordination within the team.

” Cameroon was not prepared for the tournament. The girls weren’t playing as a team, one could feel something missing. The Canadians on the contrary meant business . They dominated on all fronts. The girls must go back to work “.


As the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup continues, the team coach Alain Djeumfa and the girls have gone back to the drawing board ahead of Saturday’s encounter with the Neitherlands.


Kathy Neba Sina

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