2019 International Cycling Tour: Dutch man wins first lap

The Dutch cyclist, Bakker Stephan is winner of first lap of the 2019 International Cycling tour of Cameroon.


Bakker Stephan from the Holland Regional Global Cycling team was first on the Akonolinga – Abong-Mbang stretch that represents a distance of 139.5 kms.


He crossed the finish line in 3 hours 19 minutes and 3 seconds.

Bakker Stephan, bearer of the prestigious yellow jersey was the best climber of the lap .

Apart from an envelope of FCFA 150, 000,  Bakker Stephan received a dotted and a blue jersey awards as the best climber and the cyclist with the highest points respectively.

He described his victory as incredible stating that his strength comes from encouragement from his team mates.


The first from the Cameroonian was Fozing Dassie Robert who was third.

The cyclist from the SNH Velo club was just two tiers away from second place Rwandan Uwizeyimana Bonavature.

It was heavy mobilisation by the population of Abong-Mbang that watched the arrival of cyclists of the first lap of the international cycying race.


The Minister of Public Service and Administrative Reforms, Joseph Le was amongst the many who witnessed the caravan ride to Abong-Mbang for the first time in sixteen years.


From the departure point in Akonolinga to Ayos, Mbamba, Atok, Bidjugue, Ndjinda, Nkoihal and finally to Abong-Mbang, the population gave the cycling caravan warm encouragement, waving the green, red and yellow colours of the national flag.

The second lap of the race (Yaounde – Nanga Eboko) covering a distance of 152.2 km comes Sunday 2nd June 2019.


Benly Anchunda

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