2019 International Cycling Tour of Cameroon: Rwandan Nzafashwanayo Jean Claude wins close circuit

Rwandan cyclist, Nzafashwanayo Jean Claude is winner of the Douala close circuit lap of the ongoing International Cycling tour of Cameroon

The young international cyclist crossed the finish line in 2hours 3minutes and 1second after ten turns at the Logbessu neigbourhood.

The close circuit lap covered a total distance of 82 km, the shortest in the eighth lap race.

On his heels was Cameroonian Herve Raoul Mba who was just  few seconds away from the Rwandan.

Herve Raoul Mba could have been the winner of the lap if not of his early jubilation which made him raise his hand, an advantage the Rwandan exploited and paddled over the finish line

At the third position came Bulgarian France Konstantinov Radoslav.

The distinctions on day-6

Cameroonian Kamzong Abossolo Clovis of the SNH Velo Club received the yellow jersey in terms best general time.

He won for the third successive time.

Stephan Bakker of Dutch origin was crown the cyclist with the highest points classification. He bears the green jersey since day-1.

Bdadou Youssef of Morocco was awarded the dotted a status conferred on the best climber of the lap.

The young Moroccan on day- 6 was also bearer of the white jersey always worn by the best youth

The award of medal ceremony was attended by the Littoral governor, Ivaha Diboua and his close aids

Benly Anchunda

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