2019 International Cycling Tour: Three Rwandans dominate day-7

The Loum – Dschang lap of the ongoing 2019 International Cycling tour of Cameroon was dominated by Rwanda .

The three Rwandans who led the lap are.

#Byukusenge Patrick (Rwanda) – 3hrs 17minutes 27seconds

#Mugisha Moise(Rwanda)- 3hrs 17minutes 27seconds

#Manizabayo Eric (Rwanda) – 3hrs 17minutes 31seconds

The three cylists broke away from the peloton 20km from Dschang precisely  at the Santchuo hill .

The struggle to lead the caravan between Morocco Cameroon, Slovakia and Rwanda cyclists was fierce.

Over 30kms of the 109.4 km lap is hilly explaining why the Rwandans, more familiar  with the topography thrieved.

Cameroonian’s flag bearer of the race was Kamzong Abessolo. He came at the thirteenth position, four minutes after the champions.

Cameroonian therefore hands over the prestigious yellow jersey after three days in her keeping.

Kamzong falls from the first to the sixth position time wise.

He is credited with a 2minute 54second time difference from the first cyclist on the general classification.

The Ivorian international cyclist,  Cissé Isiaka bears the yellow jersey and tops the general classification.

He wins the jersey for the second time in seven days.

International cycling race:  Day-7 distinctions

yellow jersey – Cisse Isiaka – Cote D’ivoire

Best youth – Abderrahim Zahiri – Morocco

Highest point competitor – Stephan Bakker –   Netherlands

Best climber – Mughisha Moise – Rwanda

The eight and last lap of the race between Bafia and the May 20 Boulevard Yaounde covers a distance of 122.8 km

Benly Anchunda

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