Crtv Sports and Entertainment :The channel’s pioneer head Simon Lyonga opens up 24hours after the launch  


The staff of the Crtv Sports and Entertainment channel held the first editorial meeting this 7th June 2019, 24 hours after the channel was officially launched. 

CRTV’s  Ace Sports journalist, Simon Lyonga got the first opportunity to transmit management’s expectation to his collaborators. The bottomline is, the public should be properly served.

Few minutes after the meeting Simon Lyonga addressed questions are on everyone’s lips .

Simon Lyonga , Head of Crtv Sports and Entertainment

He began by discussing how  it feels to be head of Crtv Sports and Entertainment


It’s a feeling of Sports and Entertainment. You know we are in a Sports and Entertainment channel (laughs…. ).

We feel very relieved after the launch of the channel. There was too much pressure on the first day, but when it came and passed as it did with numerous messages from our friends, and encouragement from hierarchy , we are just happy that everything went well . But like they say, the proverbial Oliver Twist ‘though  happy will ask the next question, what next?


What are some of  the difficulties you foresee in the days ahead 


Every human endeavor has problems. We might not say everything will  be a smooth ride. We are going to face difficulties, but for now we are just at the beginning. We don’t have major difficulties though management is currently handling some of the hitches. This far, no major worries , we are going to use what we have and give our best .


This is the first week of broadcast for Crtv Sports and Entertainment. What should viewers expect from  the channel?

We will begin with  the World Cup competition in France this Friday.

We will have many live competitions . After the World Cup, we will have the Africa Cup of Nations to take place in Egypt. Away from those live events, we are preparing some documentaries especially on the sports icons of the country.

We have documentaries that will come from the regions. Regions are also going to contribute a major quota to the development of the Sports channel .


Crtv Sports and Entertainment comes to accompany two existing channels. What kind of cooperation are you expecting from other talented staff of the two existing channels? 


The Organigram of the corporation gives specifications.

For example, the mother channel has a Sports newsroom and the organigram states the equipment of the sports newsroom  will be used in collaboration with Crtv Sports and Entertainment.

We are already receiving much collaboration from the mother channel and Crtv News.

It is true there are three channels, but we should not forget that we are three sides of the same coin.

 If you are recruited to work at  the CRTV as a sports journalist, you are recruited to work for all the sports channels of  the corporation. 

Presently there are no boundaries, maybe what is needed is to have hierarchy define the different level of coordination.


 Any last word to the audience?


I will like to tell our audience to keep watching Crtv Sports and Entertainment , it’s true that beginnings are always difficult  but people will have time to get used to the channel, and  discover that it has come to stay.



Kathy Neba Sina

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