Crtv Sports and Entertainment: The first moments of the new channel

The Cameroon Radio Television’s new channel CRTV Sports and Entertainment will be officially launched this Thursday 6th June 2019 at the Mballa 2 production centre in Yaounde.

Guests are expected to all converge in studio one of the production house by 3:30PM to witness the official launching ceremony which unfolds from 4:00PM.

The Minister of Communication and Crtv Board Chair Rene Emmanuel Sadi and other top government officials will be present to witness this historical moment.

The stage is also set for musical artist to thrill the audience with some of the entertainment the channel will be offering.

The first big moments of the new channel after its launch will be sports magazines programme titled “Special Coupe du Monde” and “La saga des Lionnes” which comes up at 6:00PM and 7:00PM.

Friday 7th June on Crtv Sports and Entertainment

1:15AM                Top Music           clips

2:00AM                Football Play offs J4       Match (R)

4:00AM                Top Music           Clips

4:30AM                Afrobasket         Match (R)

6:00AM                CRTV Fitness Club           Mag

6:30AM             Cérémonie de Lancement CRTV Sports & E           Event (R)

10:30AM             Boulevard des Hits         Clips

11:00AM             Kankan Forever Ep1       Série

12:00AM             La Saga des Lionnes Ep 1              Match (R)

2:00PM                 Enow Ngachu Portrait   Doc

2:30PM                 Boulevards des Hits      Clips

3:00PM                Volley-Ball CMR – RDC   Match (R)

5 :00PM               Il était une fois le football féminin          Docs

5 :30PM               Spécial Coupe du Monde            Mag (R)

6 :30PM               Plateau Cérémonie d’Ouverture             Direct Studio

7 :00PM               Cérémonie d’Ouverture Coupe du Monde        Event Direct

8:OOPM              France – Corée                Match/ LIVE

10:00PM              Plateau de clôture + Débrief      Talk Direct

11:00PM              Kankan Forever Ep1       Séries (R)

11:30PM              France – Corée                Match (R)

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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