Fighting Malaria: Government launches 3rd campaign for the distribution of mosquito nets

Government has launched the third national campaign for distribution of treated mosquito bed nets.

A total of 14.867.748 treated nets shall be distributed to households nationwide.

Public Health Minister , Manaouda Malachie launched the campaign on Thursday, 13th June 2019 in Bertoua.

Minister of Health, Manaouda Malachie launches the third campaign for free distribution of treated mosquito bed nets in Bertoua

The distribution exercise in all ten regions shall be carried out in three phases ;
#Phase one
East , South, West , regions and part of the littoral region

#Phase two
Far North, North and Adamawa regions

# Phase three
South West, North West, Centre and part of the Littoral region

Distribution shall be done by teams of three persons in rural areas and four in urban areas.

Each region has been allocated specific number of nets following a census carried out earlier;

Adamawa #763.972
Center #2.702.819
East #8.24.309
Far North #2.680.807
Littoral #2.224.628
North # 1.666.509
South West #1.062.714
North West #1.285.384
West #1.195.543
South #461.063

Rolling-back Malaria: An age-old concern

Malaria is considered the number one killer in sub saharan Africa.
The most vulnerable persons are children, pregnant woman and persons living with HIV aids and other illnesses that affect the immune system.


Due to its devastating effect, the government of Cameroon and development partners have implemented a number of policies to protect the population.

One of such is the decision to have all children between the 0-5  treated free of charge in government hospitals.

The National Malaria Strategic Control Plan scheduled to run from 2019-2023 is another measure to roll back malaria.

In all, some 20.416.703 treated mosquito bed nets have been distributed during the previous two campaigns ;

#8.654.731 in 2011 and
#11.761.972 between 2015 & 2016 .

Kathy Neba Sina

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