Parliament: Senate president calls for vigilance; urges friends of Cameroon to contribute to peace efforts

“The Senate vehemently condemns all attempts to destroy the unity and image of our country.”

Mr Niat Njifenji, President of the Senate cautioned. He was addressing senators, members of Government headed by the Prime Minister and other invited guests during the solemn opening of the second session of the 2019 legislative year on Monday, 10th June 2019.

He said that government is working relentlessly for the return of peace and security in all restive regions (North West, South West and the Far North regions).

Discussing the situation in the North West and South West regions, Marcel Niat Njifenji commended Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute for the success of his peace mission to the North West and south West regions, expressing the wish to see the dialogue which has begun, result to serenity.

Senate President, Marcel Niat Njifenji challenged Cameroonians and foreign partners to contribute to the advancement of a peaceful and united Cameroon.

To his colleagues, Senators, the President reminded them of their responsibility
to reconcile and assemble all Cameroonians in conjunction with the Head of State.

To the media, Mr Niat Njifenji
exhorted them to desist from fake news and hate speech, aspects which can destabilise the country and destroy its image.

He called on foreign friends not to engage in any endeavour that can jeopardise unity and territorial integrity of Cameroon. He argued that the country is jealous of its sovereignty and conscious of its obligations to protect people and property.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

Journalist, Online Reporter, News Presenter, Programme Anchor, Peace Advocate, Geo-strategist,

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