Pentecost Celebration: PC Nsimeyong Pastor calms angry Christians

The celebration of the feast of Pentecost at the Presbyterian Church Nsimeyong Yaounde was occasion to call on the Holy Spirit to unite Christians and bring peace in the congregation which has been torn apart for the past one week after the transfer of their pastor.

The Rev Motopoh Alfred the preacher of the day drawing inspiration from the bible in 2 Corinthians 8: 7b says the Holy Spirit that descended on the early Christians made them speak in tongues.

It was not to confuse and divide them, but to empower and help them constitute a better church.

During the past week at the PC Nsimeyong there has been disagreement among the congregational members following the transfer of their Associate Pastor, Rev. Monoke Augustine few months after his induction.

Some Christians even called for a boycott of church activities in protest.

The different speakers at the two church services called for calm stating that their worry had been channeled to the hierarchy of the church.

The Christians raised money to continue with construction work at the Manse.

“See that you excel in the grace of giving” was the theme of the fundraising.

Pentecost songs by the Holy Trinity Choir of the church animated the church service.

Prisilia Lum


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