Wildlife: The hunt for four loose lions intensify in the Mbam and Kim Division

The Minister of Forestry and Wildlife Jules Doré Ndongo has held discussions with experts on how to capture four lions on a rampage.

The lions that are on the loose for some weeks have been feeding off cattle heads in the Mbam and Kim division.

The situation has instilled fear in the population that can no longer go about their usual activities normally.

Wildlife Minister says a committee watch team has been set up to monitor the movements of the lions.

Initially believed to be two, close surveillance indicate the lions are four in number.

The committee’s recent report indicates that the lions are gradually approaching the main town (24km), attacking cattle.

Working with the German International Cooperation Agency, government is seeking a translocation of these wildlife as a long lasting solution to the attacks.

The Minister of Forestry and wildlife says the process entails rigorous and methodological preparation in order not to put the lives of the lions in danger.

Cages have already been brought from the Garoua School of Wildlife to ease the transportation process as soon as the lions are captured.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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