2019 Baccalaureate results released: A period of rejoicing or regrets


It’s celebration in some quarters and languishing in others following the publication of the 2019 Baccalaureate result.

This Friday 19th June at lycée de Mballa 2 Yaounde , it was a steady queue of eager students, (some in the company of Parents) most with mobile phones, streaming to the notice board of the institution.

Law enforcement officers were also very visible in case of chaos.

At specific locations were teachers congratulating those who excelled.

In  groups of four or five, the students congregated and their facial expression could tell a story of its own.

There were shouts of joy, hugs and giggling on one end while lamentation and regrets was  observed on  the same campus.

Negueu Fotso Ornella, states;
“this is the third time I am sitting in for the exam, this time I am very fortunate”.

Another fortunate candidate,
Loudoun Sokamté Jòjo states;
“I can now go ahead with my studies”

At the gate of the school, the scenario was different, students in tears, lamenting at the thought of another year in the same class.  Teachers say as preparing for an examination begins from the first day of the school year, so is the baccalaureate.

Amina malloum (intern)

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