2019 Ecrans Noirs: organizers introduce attractive Innovations for children

The 23rd edition of the “Ecran Noir” festival is unfolding with lots of innovations for children.

Workshops on moral and civic education, filmmaking, and film projections, are some of the activities attracting large numbers of children.

These special activities are restricted to children from 5-13 years.

The activities are aimed at igniting love for filmmaking in the children .

Ateh Brigitte, one of the children monitors says they have witnessed an increase in the number of children taking part in the festival.

“The children are very receptive to the various activities proposed. Since the start of the festival, we’ve noticed  an increase in the number of children participants”.

Activities have been scheduled to take place in two sessions ;
; #08:30 am -14:30pm , 05 -09 year olds

#films projections , 09-13 year olds

The presence of many children at the festival is a fruit of of sensitization campaigns carried out during the school year in primary and secondary schools.

Other parents have decided to make use of the holiday period , and offer their children an unforgettable experience,  free of charge.

The activities will run till 20th July when the “Ecran Noirs” 2019 wraps up .

Amina Malloum (intern)

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