Automobile stamp duty collection : One week into the campaign, no breakthrough

One week into the month-long-campaign to have automobile owners pay stamp duty for the 2019 financial year, government still expects a more positive response.

Insurance companies through which the taxes are collected remain doubtful of the outcome of the campaign.

Most of them note that payment has not increased in spite of frequent police control on the streets and highway.
Many insurance brokers say
the campaign has not increased their intakings.

The group argues that the exercise is being stifled paradoxically, bysome staf of  the Taxation department.

Mr. Alphonse Nzounkeu , a staff of  ” Societé d’intermédiation de Representation et conseil en Assurances”-SIRCAR insurance group is particularly angered by the practices of some uniform officers carrying out the routine checks.

” Most uniform officers are wayward. They themselves do not pay the automobile stamp duty. When sent to carry out routine checks, they collect bribes from car owners. Worst still, Some of the officers involved in the campaign are interns with no authority to prosecute defaulters”.

Automobile Stamp duty collection : Insurance Companies make recommendations

The dense traffic witnessed on a daily basis since the campaign was launched , has been interpreted by insurance companies to mean defaulters are plying the roads as usual.

They recommend stricter measures to render the campaign more effective.

At the forefront of the collection of automobile stamp duty, insurance companies have come up with the following suggestions;

# Stamp duty checks to be instituted twice a month

# Payment of Stamp duty made compulsory for all including uniform officers of all grades

# The hindrances observed in the collection process be identified and addressed

#The institution of heavy sanctions for defaulters.

Kathy Neba Sina

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