Fighting Malaria: The fourth Seasonal Malaria chemoprevention campaign begins

The fourth Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention campaign (SMC) was launched in
Maroua on Wednesday, 3rd July 2019 by the Secretary General at the Ministry of Public Health, Pr. Sinata Koulla Shiro.

Prof. Sinata Koulla Shiro , welcomed in Maroua

The fourth Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention campaign that is expected to end in October 2019 is carried out exclusively in the two Sahelian regions .

According to projections, 1.706.783 children aged 3-59 months will benefit from the campaign;
#Far north region 1.055.355
#North region 681.428

Malaria: The public health headache

Inspite of government’s policies, malaria remains a major public health concern in Cameroon particularly in the Northern regions.

Experts attribute the high prevalence rate to heavy rains witnessed during the July-October period.

During this period, the infection rate increases with many deaths especially among children aged 3-59months.

The government has therefore identified a 4-6 months period with the highest rate of infection to launch the campaign.

Recent statistics on the 2018 SMC performance are quite remarkable.
There has been a sharp drop in the morbidity and mortality witnessed during the period points to the success of the campaign;

# *Morbidity*
60% 2018 – 47% 2019

# *Mortality*
74% 2018 – 59% 2019

As part of the campaign, community health workers administer anti-malaria drugs to children aged 3-59 months .

Kathy Neba Sina

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