Government communication : The administration focuses on communication units


Thirty-eight heads of communication units from ministries and state-owned corporations met in Yaounde on 16th July to harmonize and render government communication more dynamic.

Rene Emmanuel Sadi, Minister of Communication and government spokesman chaired the meeting.

The Ministry of Communication coordinates activities all communication units and departments of the country’s 60 ministries, and some state-owned enterprises.

Most of these ministries and state-owned enterprises channel information to the public through communication units.

The same duty is performed in four other ministries by communication departments.

The four ministries are;
#The Ministry of Finance
# The Ministry of Decentralization
# The Ministry of Defense
# The Ministry of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development

Communication units are manned by the head of the unit, assisted by other personnel , in some cases volunteers.

Government communication: facilitating government-public reporting

Communication units are set up to principally facilitate communication between the government and the public .

These units are responsible for transmitting government action, and policies  to the public.

Other responsibilities of communication units include;

– Informing citizens of their rights and obligations
– Increasing public awareness of public administration
– Guiding citizens on how to respond to an emergency or crisis
– Improving and upholding the image of the country within and without.
– producing multimedia communication material for the Ministry

Government communication : Coping with fast-paced communication

As information communication technologies advance, government ministries in Cameroon are adapting to the new trends.

Most of these ministries have created official Facebook, Websites, Twitter and Instagram accounts to facilitate communication.

Communication officials ensure prompt transmission of information to the public , and guarantee interactivity on the platforms .

But at a time when government is seeking to optimize communication strategies, the communication officials say better working equipment and the required manpower will enable government achieve satisfactory results.

Kathy Neba Sina

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