Immigration services: Director dispels rumours of passport booklet scarcity


It is another summer holiday period,  the peak period for Cameroonians travelling out and into Cameroon. Applications for passports are definitely on the rise.

At the EMI-immgration services Yaounde, an official stated that an average of 500 applications are registered in the Centre region every day. Easy to imagine the numbers combined from the nine other regions.

Verification of the authenticity of information  on all documents presented is one of the many reasons why the pace appears slow.
But, at a time when pilgrims nationwide prepare for the pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, the relatively slow pace has become a cause for concern. Little wonder rumours of passport booklet scarcity are rife.

Emi-lmmigration: Director sets the record straight

In an interview on 14th July 2019, Senior Police Superintendent Jean-Louis Messing Menanga, Director of Frontier Police stated,
” the production of passport is going on hitchfree. There has been no problem ”

Mr. Messing Menanga was assuring applicants . He noted that some 220,000 ordinary and service passport booklets were delivered to his services in February 2018. This gives no reason for applications to remain doubtful.

The Director once again informed applicants that passports are generally issued atleast two weeks after submission , if all information presented is authentic.

To Moslem pilgrims preparing for the annual pilgrimage, the Senior Police Superintendent assured all that the passports will be issued on time if the information provided is valid, and the application  deposited within the time frame.

Application for Passports: The centre region pulls the crowd.

As early as 6: 00am, long queues of applications assemble at the Centre Immigration office in Nlongkak Yaounde. At close observations, many drive in front other regions and neighbouring countries with the hope of getting prompt service.

The Director of Immigration says this affluence rather slows down the process. He advises people in the regions to deposit their files at their respective regional headquarters.

Another category of concern are persons who extort huge sums of money from victims promising to deliver “Express passports”.

The Director was crystal clear;

“There is nothing like “Express Passports”. Their mission is to extort money from their victims. We have brought many of such people before the law and anyone caught will follow suite” .

He adds that the Delegate General for National Security, Martin Mbarga Nguele has given instructions that all crowds visible in the services be dispersed.

The police superintendent says 1500 is a toll free number to denounce any perpetrator of fraud.

Kathy Neba Sina

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