National Education: The Global Partnership for Education sponsored project that fostered quality education


The fall outs of the Cameroon Equity and Quality for Improved Learning Project – CEQUIL was examined during the two-day meeting to adopt new reforms for improved quality education in Cameroon .

CEQUIL , a government project set up in 2015,  was sponsored by the Global Partnership for Education, under the supervision of the World Bank.

The project  was created to provide quality education to children in some underprivileged areas .

Among the identified areas was the East, Adamawa, North, the Far North Region and the Noun Division . The two English-speaking regions became enlisted as underprivileged areas as the socio-political crisis deepened.

Four government Ministries were directly involved in executing the CEQIL project. They are;
# Ministry of Basic Education
# Ministry of Secondary Education
# Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training
# Ministry of Higher Education

National Education: A balance sheet of CEQUIL’s four-year existence

From 2015-2017 , CEQUIL facilitated the recruitment of 9000 PTA teachers into the public service.

Stakeholders then set out to increase school attendance and render the learning environment conducive.

Accordingly a total of 12,000 benches were provided to all primary schools in the underprivileged areas.

To further facilitate learning , stationery , comprising arm boards, exercise books, rulers, erasers, pens, pencils and sharpeners were distributed to learners.

This was followed by the distribution of 3.5 million textbooks to learners from classes 1-3 . The donation went a long way to the increase the textbook possession ratio from #1 textbook =12 learners to #1 textbook = 1.2 learners.

But stakeholders became pre-occupied with the education of the girl child . A series of campaigns to raise awareness on the importance of educating the girl child were organized. The girls also received hygiene kits to facilitate their school attendance.

One month after the end of CEQUIL, Mr. Mbassi Tsalla Bertin, technical cordinator for the project says education stakeholders applaud the milestone , and are already working on another project in favour of quality education.

Kathy Neba Sina

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