Public Health : Health experts craft crisis management plan for the troubled regions


Health experts have examined and adopted techniques of rapid emergency response during a crisis.

Discussions took place during a capacity building workshop organized by the Ministry of Public Health.

The Secretary of State at the Ministry of Public Health, Alim Hayatou, presided over the meeting largely attended by health experts from the North West and South West regions.

Minister Alim Hayatou speaks at the meeting

A good number of people in these regions have no access to shelter, food and medical care, and have become vulnerable to some public health risks and epidemics like cholera and Ebola.

To prevent a possible outbreak of any epidemic, the health experts discussed ways to improve and protect the health of the affected communities.

They also came up with an emergency response plan that will be a reference in case of an emergency.

Participants identified and proposed solutions to some health problems currently affecting inhabitants of the North West and South West regions.

Participant’s family photo

Public Health : The World Health Organization’s prescription for crisis management

After the outbreak of Ebola in 2014, the World Health Organization stepped up response to emergencies by coming up with a crisis management plan.

The successful implementation of the crisis management plan was followed by the creation of a Public Health Emergency Operations Centre.

Shortly after the Boko Haram war broke out in the North and Far North regions, government implemented the crisis management plan in these regions to improve medical care to the affected communities.

The capacity building workshop with health experts from both regions comes as an extension of the plan which is reported to have yielded much fruits.

Kathy Neba Sina

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