Quality Control : A network of contraband importers in Kyo Ossi dismantled by National Price Control Brigade


The National Price Control Brigade has seized some food items of doubtful quality and sealed shops in Kyo Ossi.

The team was in Kyo Ossi on 18th July 2019, to inspect the quality of food items in some markets.

Barbara Aline Elemva – Amana, Head of the National Price Control Brigade, led the officials on mission to that locality.

Commodities of doubtful quality

During the inspection exercise, a network of persons involved in the importation of contraband cooking oil, deficient in vitamin A was uncovered.

Some hot drinks, corrugated roofing sheets , spaghetti , rice and other food items were also confiscated by the team.

Contraband whisky

The unscrupulous business persons had their shops sealed, as they await corresponding sanctions.

This outing comes barely weeks after the National Price Control Brigade uncovered a network of persons importing contraband zinc in Kyo Ossi.

In order to instill order in the sector, the Ministry of Trade recently launched a campaign to ensure that business persons respect the official prizes of various commodities.

Kathy Neba Sina

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