SAGO 2019: Government wins pubic appeal

The 8th edition of the of the Cameroon government exhibition forum SAGO has in Yaounde.

SAGO is a government exhibition forum which highlights public actions towards development and stimulate the citizens’ participation in public affairs.

Activities of SAGO 2019 unfolded under the theme “Public investment, great opportunities and development for Cameroon.”

Participants at SAGO 2019

Over one hundred stands were at the exhibition ground at the Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex where the event was being organised.

The enterprises came from;

– Public institutions

– Ministerial Departments

– Public and parapublic companies

– Government projects and programs

– Multinationals

– Development partners

– Small and medium enterprises

– Foreign companies

– Financial institutions

– Decentralized territorial communities.

Achievements of SAGO 2019

Many among the over fifty thousand guests who visited the government exhibition went home with very positive remarks.

– The exhibitors helped to highlight the public actions of the government.

– SAGO 2019 also provided visibility to private sector companies.

– It also enabled development partners to understand the real needs of the population in order to redirect their support.

– Encouraged the population to take an interest in the management of the affairs of their cities.

During the weeklong event, different ministerial departments organised conferences where they explained their actions to the public.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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