SDF: John Fru Ndi, the released chairman recounts his ordeal with the captors in an interview

The chairman of the Social Democratic Front, John Fru Ndi told pressmen that he refused to bow to the demands of his kidnappers while in captivity.

Recalling the circumstances under which he was seized, Ni John Fru Ndi said he just returned from the Mbingo hospital for consultation. He took lunch and later took his medication, was resting when he heard gun shots in his compound and in his living room.

When he came out to check on what was happening, one of the armed men grabbed him on the chest and pulled him into a parked car.

He was masked and maltreated, accused of being a black leg.

In the unknown destination, he spent the night without food nor medication.

The SDF Chairman recount that, having been whisked out of his home topless and bear-footed, he was forced to put on a shirt offered by the captors and an under seized pair of slippers.

On the second day in captivity, the captors proposed an on-camera declaration.

He was ordered him to make a declaration asking SDF Senators, MP and Mayors to resign within 24 hours because the SDF officials are “disturbing their course”.

The chairman promised to organise a meeting with the elected representatives of the SDF to examine their injunction.

He reminded them that the the SDF is amongst the parties that have insisted that the anglophone crisis be discussed in parliament.

To the kidnappers who identified themselves as separatist fighters, Ni John Fru Ndi said two wrongs don’t make a right.

He expressed  disappointment with the manner in which the separatists out his compound, in front of his children and even shot his body guard in his parlour.

The SDF Chairman cautioned his kidnappers against perpetuating the present crisis with the wave of abductions and violence.

He was released at about  9:00pm and escorted on a motorbike to his Ntarikon residence, Bamenda.

Elvis Teke

Elvis Teke

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