Sex education : UNESCO and media experts discuss communication strategy

Professionals from audiovisual enterprises, authorised publishers of school books and materials as well as publishing houses are reflecting on the best communication strategies to deploy when discussing sexual and reproductive health amongst youths and teenagers.

The three day reflections seeks to outline a holistic approach to discussing gender based violence in schools and public media in other to help youths make informed choices.

UNESCO experts who are facilitating the
capacity building session for communication and education stakeholders highlight the need to adapt the discourse to the age of the child.

Statistics of HIV prevalence

According to statistics from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, Cameroon with a 3.5% of HIV infection has the second highest prevalence rate in West and Central Africa.

It also indicates that woman are the most vulnerable.

Amongst the 560 thousand persons living with HIV, 330 thousand are women and 46 thousand are children.

The South, East, Centre and North West regions are the most affected, with a prevalence rate above the national average.

The communication and education stakeholders are expected to develop a embrace the complete sex education approach in a bid to bring about a positive change habits.

Representatives from the Ministry of Secondary Education say measures are in place to adapt lessons of student teachers and students to age,  religious and traditional values.

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