2019 All Africa Games: COJAR imposes rigorous anti-doping measures

The organising committee of the 12th edition of the All Africa Games has implemented very strong anti-doping policies, in order to protect the integrity of the Games.

The organizations involved in the fight against doping in sport collaborate closely to ensure that rigorous anti-doping measures are put in place before and during the major event.

Athletes are randomly called up to donate spacemen for laboratory test for substance banned by the Olympic commission.

Cameroon’s athletes have undergone a series of these tests and non are yet to be tested positive for any substance.

Judo Silver medalist for Cameroon Vanessa Atangana Mballa went through strict checkup by the anti-doping committee after her fight, just moments before the medal award ceremony.

Cameroonian coaches say they have nothing to worry about as their athletes follow the rules and were also drug tested before the competition.

The anti-doping committee is represented in all the competition arenas by doctors and nurses ready to carry out all sort of tests.

 The Ant-doping procedure set up by the African Olympic Committee

  • Procedures will be performed by the CDA without escorts.
  • The test will be carried out in the doping test room installed at the Games Village for this purpose. This room will have the same restricted access as that established for the tests during the competition.
  • Tests will be unannounced except in exceptional and justifiable circumstances.
  • The same form as the tests during the competition may be used.
  • The accreditation card will be used to identify the athlete.
  • The Head of Mission of each delegation must provide the location of the athlete when it is required either by the head of the pole of COJAR, or by the person it has designated for this purpose.

 Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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