2019 All Africa Games: Handball Lionesses record their first win

Cameroon lionneses have trashed the Algerian foxes with a 33 to 26 score to win their first group match at the All Africa Games in Morocco.

The first eight minutes were the most difficult for the handball lionesses who fell to the energy and experience of the Algerians.

Their opponent tied them down to a score of three goals to zero in the first eight minutes of play before their coaches Serge Guebogo and perpetual forsuh called for time out to make the tables turn.

Coach Serge Guebogo and Perpetual Forsuh worked on their girls play style to beef up their moral for the game.

The first half of the game ended in the favour of Guebogo’s girls with a score of 16 goals to 11.

Their coaches explained that the poor start of the game was because of the lack of training since their arrival in Morocco.

The lionesses held on the lead in the second half and made the game a win for team Cameroon at the end of the match with a score of 33 to 26.

The lead goal scorer for the game Mossy Solle Jacqueline credited their win to the instructions of their coaches and promised to do better in subsequent matches.

The last time Cameroon encountered Algeria was in 2018 at the Handball African Nations Cup in Congo Brazaville where the lionesses were beaten 32 goals to 18.

Cameroons victory over Algeria puts them at the top of their group.

They will be facing Uganda in their next group game this Wednesday 21st May still at the Mohammed the 5th stadium in Casablanca.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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