2019 All Africa Games: Handball Lionesses save a spot at the quarter finals

The handball Lionesses are through to the next round of competition at the All Africa Games.

They beat their third opponent Senegal in the group stage with an impressive score of 44 to 21 securing them a spot in the quarter finals.

Unlike their two previous matches, the girls started the game strong and maintained the lead to their victory.

At halftime the lionesses were already beating their rivals with a 22 to 10 score before topping it off to a 44 to 21 score by the end of the match.

It is the third successive win for the Handball Lionesses since the start of the competition.

They had previously beaten Algeria 33 -26

Uganda 43-22.

The team’s Head Coach Serge Guebogo told the press after their victory that the girls are in a good state of mind to face their next opponents

He expressed satisfaction at the fact that the lionesses adhere to the instructions they have been receiving since training.

The few Cameroonians resident in Casablanca who showed up to cheer the team on were quite impressed with their performance.

They promised to keep their presence consistent and support the Handball Lionesses to get Gold at this 12th edition of the All Africa Games.

The team will observe a two day recess before taking on their fourth and final opponent Tunisia in the group stage.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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