2019 All Africa Games: Helen Wezeu wins Cameroon a first gold medal

31year old Wezeu Helen has won Cameroon her first gold medal in Judo at the 2019 All Africa Games in Rabat Morocco.

Wezeu is now back to back champion of the -63kg female category after winning the title in the 2015 games in Brazaville and this year in Morocco.

She beat her Algerian opponent Amina Belkadi with an “ipon”, highest winning score in Judo at the Moulah Ahmad Sports complex in Rabat where combat sports are being fielded.

The gold medalist was quite elated hearing Cameroon’s national anthem sing to her honour after being decorated and wishes her success serves as motivation to other home athletes in competition.

“I worked so hard to win this gold medal, I usually come second or third place to these same opponents at the African Championship Games. I had to put in my best to prove that I am worth the gold medal at the All Africa Games. I hope my friends can get inspired by my performance in order to win medals for our country Cameroon.”

Cameroon has however had a difficult first day in the Judo game. Out of four who were in competition this Saturday 17th August 2019, just Wezeu emerged with a victorious tittle.

Joceline Bata lost the bronze finals to her Algerian rival Mecerrem Hadjar in the 48kg category.

Four other Cameroonians remain in competition to mount the tatami this Sunday 18th August 2019.

Wezeu Helen, the back-to-back gold medallist

The 31year old victor Wezeu Helen is no stranger to the podium of success in Judo on the international scene.

Apart from being back-to-back champion at the All Africa Games, Wezeu has also received a number of decorations at other international competitions.

She was bronze medallist at the last African Championship Games, Silver medalist in the 2014 Commonwealth games and now two times gold medalist at the African Olympics.

Wezeu Helen moved to France from Cameroon seven years ago where she works and trains as an athlete.

Helen works with coaches in France but comes back to Cameroon to train with her federation coaches weeks before any international competition.

She has competed only for team Cameroon since she started her career as a professional Judoka.

Apart from pursuing combat sports, Wezeu Helen is also a young successful Consultant Engineer in Computer Sciences.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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