2019 All Africa Games: Wilfrid Seyi keeps Cameroon in the Boxing competition

The African Championship gold medallist Wilfred Seyi trashed his Moroccan opponent Assaghir Mohammed in the middle weight boxing category to stay in the competition.

In two fights of the first knockout stage of the Boxing competition at the All Africa Games, Wilfrid Seyi and Kond Paul Donatien competing in the middleweight and heavyweight division both represented Cameroon.

Paul Donatien lost his fight to Morocco’s Balla Youness with a 5 – 0 score.

The heavyweight boxer claimed that his opponent did not respect the rules of the game which caused his defeat.

Seyi on his part got a difficult start in his first two rounds.

He came up powerfully in the third round to beat his opponent with a 3-1 score.

The middleweight champion called the match a difficult one which will help him prepare better for his next encounter.

Three other Cameroonians are expected to compete this Thursday 22nd August in different Boxing categories at the Al Amal arena in Rabat.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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