Back to School 2019 : Yaounde dances to the rhythm of the season


Yaoundé is beaming with back to school preparations, two weeks to the start of the new school year.

The streets of the capital city this Monday 19th August, bear a busier and colorful look.

At a first glimpse, conspicuous banners fly high, inviting parents to register their children in Nursery, Primary, Secondary and High schools.

The advertisement on other flyers gives directives on where to purchase school accessories with very attractive offers.

Supermarkets also wear the back to school decor. Most of them have mounted canopies at their courtyard in which books, stacked up, pencils, pens , rulers, lunch boxes, water bottles and school bags are all on display.

A good number of these bags are new, and said to be mostly imported from Asia.

Some parents whose hands can’t go that high or prefer something of a better quality as they say, will certainly find fairly used bags in the hands of hawkers.

Fairly-used bags

The number of hawkers appear to have suddenly multiplied, and most of them have already begun making brisk business ; selling school bags , shoes and other school accessories.


In front of tailoring workshops, hang uniforms of different institutions which   do not only announce the new season, but serve as an advert for the tailor or seamstress.

Even provision stores are expanding their businesses at this time. You wouldn’t passby without noticing the bright colors of school accessories that have given business premises a new look.

To those who are too distracted to notice the new school accessories, the megaphones with recorded voices advertising the back-to-school accessories will call their attention.

Banks have also seen a steady increase in applicants for back-to school loans. But for parents who are not familiar with the banking milieu, small tribal meetings are at their service.

Traffic is slowly and steadily getting denser. It announces the end of holidays and time for the school bells.

It’s back to school season, the signs are visible and can’t be missed.

Kathy Neba Sina

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