BlogCamp 2019: Third Edition Launched

The third edition of the exchange between web content experts and students dubbed BlogCamp opens this Saturday 17th August 2019 in Yaounde.

The two day event holding from 17th to 18th August 2019 will take place at the Advanced School of Mass Communication, ASMAC.

It has been organised under the theme of this year is “initiation to blogging”.

Fact-checking, word press, the importance of the content and copy writing are some of the subjects that will discussed during the third edition of the BlogCamp contest.

The BlogCamp is a moment of knowledge transfer between the seasoned bloggers, producers of web content, professionals of the web and persons that wish to begin a career in blogging.

Objectives of BlogCamp

The project is initiated by a group of Cameroonian bloggers who seek to awaken people’s passion in blogging, coach the learners and reinforce the capacities of beginners.

The forum also;
-Demystify blogging and introduce blogging to the public.
-Share the blogger’s know-how and that of the professionals of internet

BlogCamp Contest

The BlogCamp contest is an innovation in this year’s event. The competition aims at encouraging amateur bloggers.
It is open to Cameroonian residing in the country who can an original project.

The selected candidates will all have five minutes to present their projects during the BlogCamp. The jury will select three winners and connected internet users will vote for the fourth.

Ornella Mendjana(intern)

Elvis Teke

Journalist, Online Reporter, News Presenter, Programme Anchor, Peace Advocate, Geo-strategist,

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