Blood Bank Accreditation: Yaounde Central hospital gets an international Accolade

The Yaounde Central Hospital was awarded an accreditation for its Blood Bank on 15th August 2019, by the Africa Society of Blood Transfusion- ASBT.

Public Health Minister,  Manaouda Malachie broke the news on Twitter , congratulating the hospital’s management for this milestone.

The accreditation comes as a reward to the hospital management for long years of strides to render the services of the blood bank of international standards.

Blood Bank Accreditation : The evidence of an international recognition

Dr. Fonkou Steve, founder of “Blood Track” and Volunteer at “HERO Cameroon” defines an accreditation of a Blood Bank as

” A document issued by a team of experts after evaluation of services offered by the Blood Bank of a hospital”

An accreditation of a Blood Bank is issued after an evaluation by the accrediting body.

The evaluation is entirely dependent on the accrediting body , and based on three criteria ;

Stage 1: Certification

Meeting minimum quality and operational requirements

Stage 2: Certification

Meeting intermediate quality and operational requirements

Stage 3: Full accreditation

Meeting quality and operational requirements at international standards

The accreditation improves the international reputation and visibility of the Health facility.

According to Dr. Fonkou Steve, the accreditation also serves as a visible evidence of the organization’s commitment to an improved quality of services , and the delivery of safe and effective blood components.

Kathy Neba Sina

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