Culture: Government comfort Artists, Marthe Zambo and Nguéa Laroute on sick bed

The delegation from the Ministry of Arts and Culture has been to the sick bed of two Cameroonian musicians, Marthe Zambo and Nguéa Laroute

Theophile Eyango, envoy Culture Minister accompanied by another musician, Nicole Mara met with both artists in Douala to comfort and evaluate of their states.

Proir to the visit, Nguéa Laroute published a live Facebook video on her health situation. In the video the author of hit song, « soleil de decembre » revealed that she has been ill of diabetes for the past fifteen years.

Mama Nguea as she is called by fans said she had been admitted at the La Quintinie hospital in Douala five months where she underwent four surgical operations. She said she short of funds for a medical evacuation.

Nguea La Route who cites Cameroon’s ace football striker, Samuel Eto’o in her songs has pleaded for the assistance from him while appreciating help received some years ago.

She also musician turned to fellow colleagues musicians and funs, urging them to help her while she’s still alive, « If I die today they will all contribute for my burial », she said.

Anne Marthe Zambo

The author of the song « avec toi », Anne Marthe Zambo also went to the media to express her health concerns. She also reiterated her call for help addressed to the Ministry of Culture. She spoke during a program at ABK radio prior to the visit. She has also numerous requests for help.

Both artists have begun receiving positive feedback from their calls.

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