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Uganda: Nineteen die in truck explosion, / Burkina Faso: Terrorist Attack kills more than ten soldiers, / Sudan: Five Civilians Designated for the Sovereign Council, / Northern Irelands: Bomb Explosion causing no victim, / Brazil: A suspected kidnapper killed


Uganda: Nineteen die in truck explosion

A truck transporting petroleum products exploded in Kyambura in the East of the country on this Sunday. Ten persons died immediately after the explosion of the truck. The nine other persons succumbed on the way to the hospital. The fire spread to the shops and houses that were near the place where the accident occurred. The circumstances leading to the accident are still mysterious. The police is carrying out investigations to reveal the causes of the accident.

Burkina Faso: Terrorist Attack kills more than ten soldiers

Armed groups attacked the military detachment of Koutougou in the province of Soum in Burkina Faso. The attack took place on the 19th August 2019. The attack took place early in the morning. The terrorists arrived on the military camp and shot on the military men using sophisticated arms. The State Major of armies reported that about ten soldiers had lost their lives and many soldiers are wounded.

Sudan: Five Civilians Designated for the Sovereign Council

The Coalition for the Freedom and Change announced this 20th August 2019 that the list of those designated will be published by the end of the day. A first list circulated during the weekend but was highly contested by the members of this council. Five names among which is a woman, will be transmitted to the military council. This coalition composed of five civilians, five military officers and a last personality will assure the transition period.

Northern Irelands: Bomb Explosion causing no victim

A bomb exploded this Monday 19th August 2019. The explosion took place in the town of Newtown Butler. The local police made the announcement a day ago. On Saturday night, the police received the information that a suspected engine was located on Wattle Bridge. Finally, the engine exploded at a different place. The vice police chief, Stephen Martin said it was an attempt to call for the police’ attention.

Migration: Eleven Migrants rescued at sea off the coast of Lampedusa

Eleven migrants jumped into the sea as a continuation of their journey to the Italian Island of Lampedusa. The migrants were saved by the members of the NGO, Open Arms this 20th August 2019.  The migrants have been waiting for a response to their request to anchor on Lampedusa for about three weeks now to no avail. Members of the non-governmental organization described the situation as critical.

Brazil: A suspected kidnapper killed

An armed man held thirty one persons in hostage in a bus. The kidnapping took place in the night of the 20th August 2019 at Rio de Janeiro. The suspect was killed by the police at about 5:30 in the morning. A member of the police reported that the suspect was armed of a gun and a bottle of petroleum. The police also said that six of those in hostage were liberated before the presumed kidnapper was shot down.

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