Modern contraception : Adverts scale up Cameroon’s contraception prevalence to 28%

Cameroon’s contraception prevalence has increased from 16.1% in 2011 to 28% in 2019 Public Health officials say.

Family Health personnel have continuously embarked on massive sensitization campaigns, counseling and follow-up and adverts to bring the figures  up.

On TV screens , radio stations, newspaper tabloids and even billboards, the call for more use of contraceptives have become consistent.

Over the years, government and her technical and financial partners made huge financial investments on contraceptives , but very few women showed interest in the modern birth control options.

Hospitals recorded more unwanted pregnancies, women turned to unqualified persons to abort unwanted babies, resulting to increasing numbers of abortion- related deaths.

On several occasions, large quantities of contraceptives got expired and eventually destroyed.

Modern contraception: Why advertise ?

Prof. Robinson Mbu, Director of Family Health at the Ministry of Public Health , says the downward turn in the use of modern contraception forced the government to take the bull by the horns .

Prof. Robinson Mbu
Director of Family Health, Ministry of Public Health

“We want to change the paradigm in our country. More women should be on contraceptives so that we can stop unwanted pregnancies and frequent deaths resulting from abortions. We have so far  lost so many babies and their mothers to abortion “.

The campaign for contraceptives is however not only about reducing child and maternal mortality. Prof Robinson Mbu  says it has also got economic fallouts.

“Modern contraception favors demographic dividends. When birth intervals are high, children born especially above two years after the previous birth are very healthy. They will grow up to be productive and this will be highly beneficial to the government”.

Adverts also pave the way for a change of mindset. Family Health officials insist that women must be able to decide when to fall pregnant and not by chance.

The adverts have been going on for some months now, but Family Health Experts are already ripping the fruits of hard work.

Cameroon’s contraception prevalence in good progress. The figures keep soaring as the year’s go by ;

# 16.1 in 2011
# 21.3 in 2014
# 26.6 in 2018
# 28 in 2019

Modern contraception in the days past was limited to persons aged 11 and above . Today, just any sexually active person can go for contraceptives.

Kathy Neba Sina

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