Nkou Mvondo – Cabral Libii: the controversy

There is a strong tension between the two political actors who yesterday where defending the same political ideology under the banner of UNIVERSE party.

The leader on the UNIVERSE party that invested Cabral Libii to run for the 2018 presidential election and the presidential candidate are apparently in discord.

Pr. Nkou Mvondo, UNIVERSE party leader in a recent media outing expressed deep disappointments in his inability to have a one to one discussion event after taking an appointment with him. He also demanded Cabral Libii to shed light on derogatory words used with regards to the UNIVERSE party.

The discord between the two political actors began after the presidential election of 7th October 2018 and has been accentuate in recent days with epistolary reactions by media.

The two political leaders are linked by a convention that expires in 2020.

Prof Nkou Mvondo’s open letter that appeared on the press on 7th August 2019 adressed to Cabral Libii indicated that, “My dear son, you stated, in writings published on August 1, 2019, that I was present at a meeting held at the Ministry of Territorial Administration, whose object was to compel you to join the UNIVERS Party”.  Your statements are untrue. He noted that the said meeting “could have been held at a time when I chaired thesis defence juries of memory at the University of Ngaoundere.

Prof Nkou Mvondo in another media outing, on 12th August said “I am waiting for Cabral Libii to call me and to come so that we discuss and make peace.

Cabral Libii is yet to make a statement on the outings but members of his team, say Prof Nkou had given the go ahead to create his own party. According to them, none of the clauses of convention binding cabral Libii and the UNIVERSE party has been violated and the union remains valid till its deadline in 2020.

Elvis Teke


Elvis Teke

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