Prime Minister Dion Ngute inaugurates National Video Surveillance Centre

The National Command Centre for Video Surveillance of the General Delegation for National Security situated at the new administrative quarters at Etoudi in Yaounde has been officially opened by the Prime Minister – Head of Government, Joseph Dion Ngute on behalf of the President of the Republic.

The centre receives real-time images from two thousand surveillance camera supported by 65 antennas have been installed in some localities nationwide.

The Prime Minister in his inaugural address said the National Command Centre for Video Surveillance will help in reinforcing national security especially of strategic sites in the country.

Towns Connected during first phase

As at now the project which is in its first phase covers the following localities

  • Yaounde
  • Douala
  • Buea
  • Limbe
  • Kousseri
  • Waza
  • Garoua Boulai
  • Bafoussam
  • Garoua
  • Kye Ossi

Towns to be connected during second phase

PM Dion Ngute said the project will continue and a total of seven thousand surveillance cameras will be installed nationwide, primarily to

  • Bertoua
  • Maroua
  • Ngaoundere
  • Bamenda
  • Ebolowa
  • Kribi
  • Amchide
  • Fotocol
  • Kenzo and some strategic sites and localities

At the close of the second phase, a total of seven thousand surveillance camera will be installed nationwide. They shall be interconnected through 17 regional centres. Real time images from the cameras will be transmitted to the National Command Centre for Video Surveillance. It will be used in crime detection, control of highway traffic, fight against urban disorders, crisis management and general surveillance.

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Elvis Teke

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