2019 All Africa Games: Cameroon bags 28 medals

Cameroon ends the 12th edition of the All Africa Games in Morocco on the 11th position with 28 medals (5 gold, 14 silver and 9 bronze)

Egypt is first with 271 medals; 101 gold.

Nigeria comes second with 126 medals, 46 Gold.

South Africa ranked third with 87 medals, 36 Gold.

Host country Morocco that participated in all 27 disciplines gets the 5th position with 107 medals, 30 Gold.

Team Cameroon had 121 athletes participating in 12 disciplines.

Medals were won in 9 out of 12 disciplines. The three others being Taekwondo, athletics and gymnastics which yielded nothing for team Cameroon.

In a nutshell, Cameroon did not live up to her 2015  All Africa games performance in Brazaville when it was 9th with 31 medals ;7 in gold.

The President of the Cameroon Olympic and sports Committee Kalkaba Malboum held a brief meeting with the athletes and coaches this Saturday 31st August 2019 at the games village for an appraisal of Team Cameroon’s performance.

He congratulated all the athletes who won medals for the country and encouraged all those who were not lucky enough to work harder

The Olympic Committee President said most of this year’s athletes are first timers with very little experience in international competitions.

He said more will be done to assist the young athletes prepare better for future competitions.

Bruno Ndonwie Funwie

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